"This ballpark challenges the notion that you can never go home. For no matter how my life has evolved and how many years have passed and how far my hairline has shifted, I feel like a kid when I come here. This place awakens those spirits and allows me to reclaim parts of myself that otherwise might be lost. Here my life echoes with those of the men and boys who meant the most to me. " - Page 232-233, The Final Season- Fathers, Sons and One Last Season in a Classic American Ballpark by Tom Stanton.

"Ladies and gentlemen, less than six months ago, we began a warm season of farewells, and with each passing day we came a little bit closer to this historic occasion. The Lions, Joe Louis and Nelson Mandela. Six-thousand eight-hundred and seventy-three regular-season games, 35 postseason contents and a trio of spectacular All-Star Games, Tiger Stadium has been home to this great game of baseball. But more than anything, it has been a cherished home to our memories. Will you remember that last base hit? The last out? How about that last pitch? Or maybe it’s the first time as a child when you saw that green, green grass that will forever be etched into your mind and soul. Tonight, we say good-bye. But we will not forget. Open your eyes, look around and take a mental picture. Moments like this shall live on forever. It’s been 88 moving years at Michigan and Trumbull. The tradition built here shall endure along with the permanence of the Olde English D. But tonight we must say good-bye. Farewell, old friend Tiger Stadium. We will remember." - Ernie Harwell (Farewell Speech, Final Game at Tiger Stadium, 09/27/1999)



Regarding Mark Steven "The Bird" Fidrych

I remember seeing him pitch when he returned from his first injury. I am not sure of the date but I was sitting in the center field bleachers. The place was packed and the beer was flowing pretty good. In the third inning some guy climbed the ladder hanging from the scoreboard and ran across it. He found a gap where the scoreboards met, turned around and dropped his pants mooning 54,000 plus! Everyone went wild. By the time the guards figured out what was up he ran down the ladder and was crawling around as the crowd stood up to hide him and block the guards. Some guy started to yell at the rental cops and then someone else threw a beer at them. They went to arrest the beer thrower and the crowd went nuts. I though there was going to be a riot. The beer thrower hung on to a railing as the cops beat him on the back to let go. He finally could not hold on any longer and was escorted under the stands where they beat him up. Oh yes I am not sure if the Bird won that night or lost.

Jim of Troy


My Dad

My dad always told me that he skipped school and went to opening day and saw Babe Ruth play against the Tigers. He said he snuck in by shimming up a rain pipe and getting in for free. Remember this was the great depression. He also said his dad was a bootleger at that time and that he shot 22s in the homemade gun range he built with his brother Hank in the basement. I always believed him yet I always had a litle doubt in the story for some reason after all I never saw a rain pipe at Tiger Stadium. However when I saw some photos of NAVIN FIELD around that time before it was remodeled there were indeed rainpipes!!!

When my father died my uncle Hank reminicsed how he and my dad went house to house filling bottles of the neighbors with homemade hooch from their wagon and shooting the heads of of matches with 22 rifles. He said he still had the metal plate that deflected bullets into a sand pit under his porch and said that they sold 22 bullets at the hardware store to 12 year olds in the 30's.Those were the days. I guess my Dad did shimmy up that pipe after all!

Miss you dad

Jim from Troy